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We make it easy to get the products you need for your project. We offer both new products and quality used equipment, and we offer equipment rental as well. If you don't find what you're looking for in our online catalog, please give us a call, or email us.

Used Equipment

Our high quality selection of used environmental equipment offers a low cost alternative to new equipment and is great for hard-to-find replacement parts.

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Rental Equipment

We offer an extensive selection of rental equipment for your sampling needs, including complete Method 5 Particulates, Method 23 Dioxin & Furan, and VOST (Method 0030) trains. We also offer CEMS equipment, AQMS instruments and a full array of hand-held/portable air quality monitoring equipment.

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Air Quality Monitoring

Analyzers, calibrators and supplies needed for measuring air quality or ambient conditions.


A continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) is the total equipment necessary for the determination of a gas or particulate matter concentration or emission rate using pollutant analyzer measurements and a conversion equation, graph, or computer program to produce results in units of the applicable emission limitation or standard

Dust Monitoring

Dust monitoring equipment designed for continuous real-time measurement of ambient dust

Industrial Hygiene

Monitoring equipment and supplies for industrial hygiene applications.

Industrial Supplies

Lab Supplies


Meteorological sensors and complete weather stations.

Mobile Source Emissions

Any opacity measurement associated with locomotives, ships, or vehicles


Equipment for the measurement of opacity from diesel combustion sources

Particle Measurements

Particle measurements are required in the following applications: - Industrial Hygiene - Occupational Hygiene - Point Source locatioon monitoring - Indoor Air Quality - Process Control - HVAC Applications - Filter Testing - Mining and Ore Processing - Remote Sampling


Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA)


Supplies for temperature sensitive shipping and transportation.

Sound Monitoring

Source Sampling and Monitoring Equipment

Equipment for sampling and monitoring source emissions.

Water Quality

Instruments and supplies for checking water quality