Opacity: Wager Wireless Full Flow Sensor Head

Product Image of Opacity: Wager Wireless Full Flow Sensor Head

Opacity testing has just been made even easier and quicker with Wager's Wireless Opacity Meter. Comes with either full flow or partial flow sensor heads. The meters communicate wirelessly from the sensor head to the hand controller. Test results can then be sent wirelessly to either a printer or a PC.

All wireless systems:

• Meet or exceed all requirements of SAE J1667
• Have multiple wireless channels available
• Data encryption available
• Channels may be changed on the printer, hand controller and sensor head
• Large bright alpha numeric color display (320 x240 pixels)
• Partial flow of full flow measurement technology
• Self- Calibration microcontroller-based operation
• Menu driven operation for ease of use
• Stores over 140 test records
• Ability to search stored records in multiple fields
• User can verify system accuracy with verification filter
• Test facility information stored and printed on test reports
• Ambient correction of opacity reading available for humidity, barometric pressure, and air temperature
• Test procedure configurable for multiple applications

The specific parts list for the rhw Full Flow is as follows:

  • Hand controller
  • Black box
  • Full flow ND filter
  • Printer
  • Telescopic pole
  • Carrying case
  • Connection cables
  • Full flow head with optics (pictured to the right)

Opacity: Wager Wireless Full Flow Sensor Head
Item # 199-rhw-ff 

$3,875.00 each

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Product Image of Opacity: Wager Wireless Full Flow Sensor Head