Lead Analyzer - AeroLead 2000

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The AeroLead® 2000 Wall-Mounted Analyzer automatically samples, extracts, and quantifies the concentration of total lead in air in as little as 7 minutes! 

  • Air sample times are input by the user according to individual requirements, and can range from 10 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Data output are reported in ug/m3 or ug/filter, dependent upon sample source (ambient air or personal breathing zone filter cartridge, respectively).
  • An Autocalibration option is available, and full QA/QC support is available.
  • Up to 20 air samples can be automatically collected and analyzed; extended operation beyond the 20 sample limit is provided as an option for applications where longer periods between operator input is desired.
  • Data can be downloaded to PCs using the optional LeadReport™ software, which provides pre-formatted data reports as well as the ability to accumulate and manage data according to operator or regulatory requirements.
  • Data acquisition can be performed either on-command or automatically, via RS-232C, USB, or wireless data transmission protocols.


Air samples are automatically drawn or manually introduced through a proprietary sample filter/detector assembly. The airborne metals are then ultrasonically extracted and concentrated into a specially designed aqueous phase and analyzed voltammetrically. An integrated airflow meter is used to determine air sample volume and combined with the voltammetric data to yield accurate airborne lead concentration in ug total metal per cubic meter of air. The instrument then automatically cleans and resets for the next sample. Maintenance and operational requirements consist primarily of simple, periodic replacement of extraction syringes and sample filters, and less frequent replacement of electrodes and regeneration modules

Features & Specifications

  • Ambient Air Monitoring and Personal Filter Cartridge Analysis Capabilities
  • Both Automated Continuous and On-Demand Analysis
  • Simple, menu-driven operation
  • Sample results in 7 minutes
  • User-Selectable Measurement Range (Standard range 0.05 ug/m3 to 500 ug/m3)
  • Automatic Baseline & Drift Correction
  • Sample Flow Rate 1.2-6 L/min
  • Detection Limit- User selectable (LoQ 0.05 ug/m3 standard as shipped)
  • Linearity +3% at 10 ug/m3
  • Precision typically 4-8% rsd
  • Interferences: below LDL, except thallium positive interference
  • Total sampling and analysis costs less than $0.75 per sample
  • Significantly lowers regulatory compliance costs compared to XRF or lab methods such as NIOSH 7082
  • Autocalibration option available
  • QA/QC protocols available
  • Power Requirements 110 VAC/240 VAC/12 VDC
  • Input 12VDC, 2 Amp regulated or unregulated
  • Output: Digital Display, RS-232C, and USB
  • Dimensions 16” W x 16” H x 9” D
  • Weight 24 lb (11 kg)

Two other models of the AeroLead® Analyzer are available, including the AeroLead® 1200 portable analyzer, that can be used for both ambient air monitoring and on-site personal breathing zone filter cartridge analysis.  Also available is the AeroLead® 3000, a wall mounted automated airborne metals analyzer that can measure up to 6 metals on a continuous basis, and is suitable for use in CEM applications.


Lead Analyzer - AeroLead 2000
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