Tedlar Bag, 1.0L with Poly Valve, 10/pk

Product Image of Tedlar Bag, 1.0L with Poly Valve, 10/pk

1.0L Tedlar® Sampling Bag with Polypropylene 2-in-1 valve, 10/pk

Bag size: 7" x 7"

Film thickness: 2 mil

Keika Ventures offers a wide variety of Tedlar® sampling bags and valves used for the following applications:

  • Air sampling (i.e. VOC samples)  
  • Water sampling
  • Soil sampling
  • Plant studies
  • Product testing

See our PVDF Bag Sampling Solutions page for different valves, sizes, sampling suggestions.

In addition, Keika Ventures can custom make bags to fit any particular size or application needs, as well as customize the location of valve fittings and grommets.

Tedlar Bag, 1.0L with Poly Valve, 10/pk
Item # TB-01LPoly2in1 

$120.00 each

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