Packaging: Bioship 650SS Small Air/Ground Kit

Product Image of Packaging: Bioship 650SS Small Air/Ground Kit

Bioship 650SS K Diagnostic Specimen Kit is a compact (6" x 4 3/8" x 3"), economical, compliant for all modes of transportation, diagnostic specimen shipper. Bioship 650SS K contains an airtight pressure vessel (secondary container), biohazard label, absorbent pouch, instructions, and outer fiberboard box. This package system meets postal Domestic Mail Manual requirements and DOT 49CFR requirements for ground shipment, along with ICAO/IATA Packing Instruction 650 for air shipment of diagnostic specimens. This kit is for the customer that is looking for an easy-to-use, reusable, low-cost diagnostic specimen shipper that meets every regulation for all modes of transportation.

The secondary container is 6" tall.  The shipping carton for a case is 20" x 17" x 14".


  • Meets the requirements of IATA/ICAO Packing Instructions 650 for shipping Diagnostic Specimens by air, as well as CFR 49 § 173.199 for ground transportation of these items.
  • Secondary container has an easy open positive lock closure.
  • Secondary container passes 95kPa test and offers high impact resistance.
  • Secondary container is clear to see potential leakage before opening.
  • Secondary container is completely reusable.
  • Outer packaging is marked with all regulatory markings, including the newly required UN3373 marking.

Pricing listed is per case and there are 40 assembled kits per case.  Additional discounts are available for larger quantities, please call for pricing.

Packaging: Bioship 650SS Small Air/Ground Kit
Item # 650SS K 

$225.00 case (40)

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