Detective Gas Monitor

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Intrinsically Safe Transportable Gas Monitor

Detective is the unique solution to temporary gas monitoring installation, ideally suited to shut downs or other short-term operations. The Detective operates from internal rechargeable batteries and can be put into place and set into operation immediately without the need for power or other infrastructure. Intrinsically safe, Detectives can also be linked together to provide temporary area monitoring systems, where all linked units show any alarm condition but units actually detecting gas indicate by the visual alarm lights flashing at twice the speed.

  • Simple to use, just put into place and switch on
  • Operates for up to 24 hours on full charge
  • Up to 4 gases measured
  • Fully flexible with interchangeable sensors
  • Loud 101dBA audible alarm
  • Bright visual alarm with flashing cluster LEDs
  • Tripod frame allows operation on uneven ground
  • Legs detachable for ease of transport
  • Sensors under body protected from dirty and wet conditions
  • Linked units for area monitoring

Typical measuring ranges and alarm settings (up to four gas measurement channels):

Gas Standard Range Typical Alarm Levels
Flammable gas 0-100% LEL 20% LEL
Oxygen 0-25% 19% & 23%
Hydrogen Sulphide 0-50ppm 10ppm
Carbon Monoxide 0-500ppm 35ppm
Sulphur Dioxide 0-10ppm 2ppm
Chlorine 0-5ppm 0.5ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide 0-10ppm 2ppm
Phospine 0-5ppm 0.5ppm
Ammonia 0-50ppm 25ppm
Hydrogen (nonflammable levels) 0-2000ppm -
Hydrogen Cyanide 0-25ppm 10ppm
Hydrogen Chloride 0-10ppm 5ppm
Ozone 0-1ppm 0.5ppm
Other sensors available    
Other ranges and alarm levels available  


      Part Number Price
Detective (no sensors)   S01341 2,950.00
Code Gas Add    
FL Combustible 0-100%LEL A S01238 220.00
O2 Oxygen, 0-25% v/v B S01248 118.00
CO Carbon Monoxide, 0-500ppm C S01241 260.00
H2S Hydrogen Sulfide, 0-50ppm D S01240 260.00
SO2 Sulfur Dioxide, 0-10ppm E S01242 290.00
NO2* Nitrogen Dioxide, 0-10ppm F S01244 370.00
CL2* Chlorine, 0-5ppm G S01829 310.00
HCN Hydrogen Cyanide, 0-25ppm H S01725 395.00
PH3* Phosphine, 0-5ppm I S01252 395.00
NH3 Ammonia, 0-50ppm J S01726 420.00
H2 Hydrogen, 0-999ppm, K S01250 370.00
CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide, 0-1ppm L S01871 370.00
NO Nitric Oxide, 0-100ppm M S01245 370.00
HCL* Hydrogen Chloride, 0-10ppm N S01724 485.00
O3* Ozone, 0-1ppm O S01251 420.00
VO** Volatile Organics, 0-100ppm P S01253 395.00
ETO Ethylene Oxide, 0-10ppm Q S01254 395.00
HF* Hydrogen Fluoride, 0-10ppm R S01832 565.00
* Readily absorbed gases - they will not be detected if an aspirator or hose are used,  
and are unsuitable for use in pumped instruments.      


Detective Accessories      
      Part Number Price
Membrane switch label protective film   M05364 125.00
Additional inter-connecting lead (per yard)     78.00
CrowComms 2000 software   C01715 98.00
Computer lead assembly from 020400   E07394 360.00
Detective Spares        
      Part Number Price
Aspirator pouch     C01094 34.00
Computer lead 9-25 way   C01295 34.00
Baffle plate     C01325 36.00
Computer lead 9-9 way   C01327 36.00
Allen key 2mm     C01347 1.10
Allen key 4mm     C01553 1.10
Box spanner & tommy bar   C01405 5.25
Battery pack     C01406 190.00
LED cluster     E01456 140.00
Membrane switch     E01468 47.00
Sounder Exis - 101 db   E01729 530.00
Flexible circuit/connector   E07155 36.00
Sounder lead     E07323 7.25
Charging lead from 020400

Detective Gas Monitor
Item # Detective 

$2,950.00 each

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