Pump: Chemker 300 Teflon Vacuum Pump

Product Image of Pump: Chemker 300 Teflon Vacuum Pump

Chemker Series Pumps [(20 lpm, AC 110V, 60 HZ) or (17 lpm, AC 230V, 50 HZ)] are chemical duty vacuum pumps that can be used in various applications. All wetted parts are made of PTFE material and the outer case is processed with squeeze-casting aluminum and anti-rust treatment. An air driven diaphragm and oil-free design will lower both cost and maintenance time.

  a.. Various Filtration Applications
  b.. Gel Drying, Blotting after Electrophoresis
  c.. Rotary Evaporator
  d.. Centrifugal Evaporator
  e.. Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE)

 Chemker 300 Teflon Vacuum Pump Features
  a.. Acid, Alkali & Organic Vapor Resistant
  b.. Compact Size & Space Saving
  c.. CE Approved
  d.. Low Price & Most Cost Effective
  e.. Low Noise Level @ 50dB

Chemker 300 Teflon Vacuum Pump Design
The Chemker Series chemically resistant vacuum pumps are designed to be operator friendly and thanks to innovative mechanical technology, the noise level is only 50dB which makes for a noise-free laboratory. The Chemker pumps are all equipped with a thermal protection device that automatically stops the pump from running once it is over-heated and allows for resumption after the working temperature cools down. An optional Vacuum Regulator / Moisture Trap can be used to adjust vacuum and absorb moisture & particulate matter. The filter cartridge in the assembly is a consumable and should be replaced when saturated.

Chemker 300 Teflon Vacuum Pump Specifications
Maximum Power Consumption 70 Watts (110V); 60 Watts (220V)
Maximum Current 0.8 Amps (110V); 0.32 Amps (220V)
Maximum Flow Rate 25 lpm (110V); 22 lpm (220V)
Maximum Vacuum 600 mm Hg (79 kPa)
Maximum Pressure 25 psi
Motor Rotation 1700 rpm (110V); 1450 rpm (220V)
Capacitor 4µf/250V (110V); 2µf/450V (220V)
Horse Power  1/8hp
Pole 4P
Net Weight 11 lbs (5 kg)
Gross Weight 13 lbs (6 kg)
Dimensions (l x w x h) 8 x 4 x 9-inches (210 x 112 x 220mm)
Port Thread 5/16"
Noise Level 50dB

Pump: Chemker 300 Teflon Vacuum Pump
Item # 169300-11 (20 lpm, AC 110V, 60 HZ) or 169300-22 (1 

$1,042.00 each

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