EPA Method 5 Auto Isokinetic Flow Integrator

A-2000 Auto Isokinetic Flow Integrator is a modular flow control and data acquisition assembly that has been developed to automate isokinetic testing using flow integrated volume determination, flow control and data acquisition. The A-2000 assembly is compatible with existing manual isokinetic testing equipment, replacing the functions of the manual metering console, but allows operator oversight if monitoring the manual control console is desired. The A-2000 may be used with an oil-free pump as the standalone control console, or with the standard method 5 vane pump if a standalone dry gas meter or fully equipped metering console is used to verify flow volume. The data acquisition system eliminates most operator error as heat control, temperature, dry gas volume, differential pressures and flow determination information is received, averaged and logged many times per second. The system is useful to reduce operator error, expedite reporting, and reduce manpower especially where simultaneous multiple port sampling is required.


  • Automates all aspects of the Method 5 test and data collection process except the position of the probe
  • Adjusts flow continuously to maintain desired Isokinetic conditions
  • Displays 8 temperatures, 5 pressures (including barometric), Method 5 test conditions, stack gas parameters and Method 5 computations on the PC Monitor
  • Forewarns and informs the operator of the time to place the probe at predetermined positions
  • Computes velocities, flow rates and volumes for EPA Method 5 reporting
  • Writes all test conditions and data acquisitions to a spreadsheet for reports and data verification

In addition to the above A-2000 Console, you will need the following items special to the "Auto" System:

  • M5-UA-A Umbilical Adapter, Calibrated Flow Venturi with Pressure Taps, Type K Thermcouple
  • UC-100-A Umbilical Cable, 100', Sample Line, 5 Pressure Lines, 5 TC Lines, Power Line


  • P-0523-101Q Vacuum Pump, Carbon Vane, Oilless (less maintenance) Model 0523

Standard (Manual) Method 5 Components to complete your train:

  • Probe Assembly
  • Sample Cases (Heated Filter Box and Insulated Impinger Box)
  • Glassware

EPA Method 5 Auto Isokinetic Flow Integrator
Item # A-2000 

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Product Image of EPA Method 5 Auto Isokinetic Flow Integrator