Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles, Pyrex

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We offer a full range of isokinetic sampling nozzles manufactured by Environmental Supply Company. 

The Pyrex™ “Borisilicate” glass standard nozzle set consists of 7 nozzles packed in a foam lined case. 


7 (Pyrex™) Borisilicate Glass Nozzles

Foam Lined Case

Able to Withstand Temperatures up to 900 Degrees Farenheight

Any nozzle set can be made up of any of the 7 standard sizes from #4 thru #16 or the 1/2" size nozzle. Larger or custom sized nozzles are included at additional charge.


Nozzle dimensions are ID (inside diameter)

Example: PRN-P04 = Probe Nozzle-Pyrex at 4/32" or 1/4 " Inside Diameter

The Standard Pyrex™ nozzle set consists of the following sizes:

(1) Nozzle 4  PRN-P04 1/8" (.125)
(1) Nozzle 6  PRN-P06 3/16" (.188)
(1) Nozzle 8  PRN-P08 1/4" (.250)
(1) Nozzle 10 PRN-P10 5/16" (.313)
(1) Nozzle 12 PRN-P12 3/8" (.375)
(1) Nozzle 14  PRN-P14 7/16" (.438)
(1) Nozzle 16  PRN-P016 1/2" (.500)

Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles, Pyrex
Item # PRNS-P 

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Product Image of Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles, Pyrex