Opacity: Wager 6500 Smoke Meter, BASIC with Partial Flow Sensor Head

The Model 6500 smoke (opacity) meter provides a simple and accurate means of detecting and measuring the opacity of smoke emitted by a diesel engine. It encourages proper maintenance for improved fuel economy and protection of the environment.

Used by fleets, regulatory agencies and OEM laboratories around the world.

Design Features

The Model 6500 consists of a partial flow sensor head that connects to the control unit.

A light sensor reads the opacity of the emissions and relays the readings to the control unit's display. Both the SAE J1667 test ("snap-idle") and the "follow-mode" test (continuous readings under load) can be performed.

The basic system does not offer an impact printer. Instead, up to 100 tests can be stored and downloaded to your laptop.


Partial Flow Sensor Head

An extension pole with strong magnets allows the operator to take the measurement from the ground.

A pulsed green LED emitter as the monitor's light source ensures the ± 1% accuracy of readings in artificial light or even in direct light.

The sensor head attaches to exhaust stacks of many different configurations, up to 6" Æ. It employs a single pass system and has an operating distance of 7".



Model 6500 System (Basic)

(partial-flow sensor head)


Consists of:

Control Unit with recorder jack

Stack Piece (7") source and detector

Partial Flow Head

AC Adapter/Charger

Connecting Cable (25')

Melles Griot Neutral Density Filter (.2)

Extension Pole

Instruction Manual




For more information, visit our Smoke Detector solution page.


Connecting Cable

A 25' flexible, single line cable allows complete mobility test bay or fleet maintenance areas. (*25' extension available for testing busses).

Control Unit

The control unit is housed in a lightweight, weather-resistant aluminum case The front panel is a membrane keypad with eight tactile feedback push buttons. It can be placed in the cab for tests under load.


Easy to read, backlit alphanumeric liquid crystal display, prompts the operator through the test sequences. Battery condition will also be displayed through a series of colored LED's.


12V sealed lead-acid cell; which operates approximately 40 hours before a recharge is required.


All readouts are within ± one digit. Operating temperature 32° - 120° F. The unit is initially calibrated under clear stack conditions, with checks at 0% and 100% opacity. The meter can be precisely calibrated with a .2 neutral density filter, which is supplied with the system.


Minimum drift, zero stability less than 1% per use. Pulsed green LED has infinite life expectancy. Resolution 1 digit (.01% of full scale). Meets SAE J1667 specification for full flow meters Appendix C using the required algorithm. Ambient Temperature correction (required in AZ) available through the software provided.

Low Maintenance

All solid state electronics. Lenses are accessible by simple snap closures. Baffle plates on interior faces of monitor help maintain lens cleanliness. External air connection ports.

Rugged Construction

For portability and protection, the control unit is housed in a lightweight, weather-resistant aluminum case The control unit and all accessory items (except the extension pole) are packed into a lightweight, high impact plastic case. The total weight is approximately 25 lb.


One year from date of purchase, parts and labor.



Opacity: Wager 6500 Smoke Meter, BASIC with Partial Flow Sensor Head
Item # 194-6500B-PF 

$4,500.00 each

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