Sampling Bags: Sealed Housing for Emissions Determination (SHED) Bags

Product Image of Sampling Bags: Sealed Housing for Emissions Determination (SHED) Bags

Keika Ventures offers sealed housing for emission determination (SHED) bags used in vehicle emission testing as required by US EPA, California Air Resources Board (CARB) and European regulations. 

The bags are made of Krinkle Tedlar® which is Tedlar® reformulated with a special cracked ice pattern which guarantees the complete air flow from all sections of the bag to the fitting or evacuation point.  As the bag gets larger it becomes increasingly more difficult to fully evacuate the complete sample without internal tubes or exterior manipulation with bags made from other films.  Krinkle Tedlar® can perform the evacuation with no internal tubing thus assuring complete evacuation each and every time.  The flow channels ensure that the bag collapses upon itself starting at the edges in toward the center port.

The center port consists of a special locking patented o-ring fitting which ensures mechanical integrity to the mating Tedlar® or other material surface while providing a smooth flow coefficient.

Orders are typically filled within 2 weeks but shorter times are available upon request.  The bags can be custom made to fit your sizing  needs.  Please call for pricing.



Sampling Bags: Sealed Housing for Emissions Determination (SHED) Bags
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