EPA Method 23 Sampling System: Dioxin/Furans

The Environmental Supply Method 23 Sampling System uses a standard Method 5 system with the the addition of a riserless Method 23 extension glassware. This extra glassware consists of the "S" connector from the filter, horizontal Pyrex coil condenser, XAD sorbent trap and moisture knockout impinger. We also carry the vertical Pyrex coil condenser for use with a riser box that will accommodate the extra height required by the condenser and XAD trap mounted on top of the first impinger. An 8-impinger coldbox is recommended to accommodate the required M23-RC coolant recirculating pump, the standard Method 5 impinger set and the Method 23 extension glassware. This Method 23 Sampling System can also be used for Method 0010, Determination of Semivolatile Organic Compounds.

Method 23 Extension Glassware (in addition to Standard Method 5 Glassware):

GP-150 'S' Connector
GP-151 Horizontal Coil Condenser, Ball Joint with O-ring
GP-151V Vertical Coil Condenser, Ball Joint with O-ring
GP-152 XAD Resin Trap, Ball Joint with O-ring
GP-153 Short Knockout Impinger, Ball Joint with O-ring, Accommodates XAD Trap
GP-154 Ball Stopper (To Seal XAD Trap Socket End)
GP-155 Stocket Stopper (To Seal XAD Trap Ball End)


M23-RC Coolant Recirculating Pump

Recovery Tools (for Method 23 and 29):

PRB-T8 All Teflon 1/2" Probe Brush
PRB-EXT-4 1/4" Teflon Probe Brush Extension with 3/8" Coupler, per foot
M23-CK8 Teflon Coated Stainless Steel Spatula
M23-CK9 Teflon Coated Stainless Steel Forceps
M23-CK11 500 ml Teflon Wash Bottle
M23-CK1224  12" x 24" x 0.03" Virgin PTFE Sheet

For additional information on Method 23 from an analytical standpoint, please see our Dioxin/Furan Solution Page.

EPA Method 23 Sampling System: Dioxin/Furans
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