BTU700 Residential Economical Analyzer

Product Image of BTU700 Residential Economical Analyzer

Up to Six–Tools–In–One:

  1. Combustion Efficiency Analyzer for O2, CO(Calculates Combustion Efficiency, Excess Air, Losses)
  2. Draft Meter (Negative & Positive Draft) Included
  3. Built–In Differential Digital Pressure Manometer Included
  4. Built–in Differential Thermometer Included
  5. Cracked Heat Exchanger Test Included
  6. CO Sensor (BTU700 Basic & Plus models only)


  • Economical, Ergonomic, Compact, and Rugged
  • Perfect for ANY Natural Gas, Propane, Oil, Wood, Coal, Bio–Fuel, and many more applications
  • New Auto Outdoor Air Temp. Saving for TRUE Efficiency for Condensing Systems
  • O & CO
  • Combustion Efficiency, Losses, & Excess Air
  • CO Sensor (BTU700 Basic & Plus models only – excludes BTU700–Lite Kit)
  • Draft & Differential Pressure
  • Temperature Measurements
  • 300 Test Internal Memory
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery & AC Charger
  • 12″ Probe Included with 10′ Dual Hose for Gas & Draft Measurements
  • External Water Trap for Easy Condensate Removal
  • Lightweight Vinyl Carrying Case
  • Operating Manual
  • Lightweight Vinyl Carrying Case
  • Calibration Certification


  • Magnetic Rubber Boot
  • PC Software & USB Cable
  • Wireless Bluetooth Printer

BTU700 Residential Economical Analyzer
Item # BTU700 

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Product Image of BTU700 Residential Economical Analyzer