Meteorology: Skywatch Geos #11 Handheld Weather Station

Product Image of Meteorology: Skywatch Geos #11 Handheld Weather Station

With features never before found on a handheld weather instrument, the GEOS 11 was designed specifically for the demanding needs of many markets:

  • Agriculture; control of wind speed and direction before using sprayed chemicals. Agri-foodstuff; control of storage environment (temperature, humidity).
  • Automobile; high-performance engine mechanics (density altitude).
  • Aviation; reading of the Flight Level, height, finesse, pressure, altitude, altitude variation, etc..
  • Rappelling; check the height when rappelling down.
  • HVAC; air flows and temperature measurements.
  • Sporting events; control of weather conditions during meetings, contest validation.
  • Trekking; recording of extreme conditions (mountains, deserts, polar spots), warning of sudden weather changes, wind chill indication.
  • Civil engineering; close estimation on surveying heights on property.
  • Geology; altitude and stratum measurement.
  • Military; heat stroke prevention, long range shooters, skydiving, artillery, weather conditions checking in case of chemical attacks.
  • Firefighters; managing the risk of forest fire propagation (wind speed and direction).
  • Rescue teams; evaluation of weather conditions for rescue and survival operations (coast guards, air rescue, etc.).
  • Science; meteorology, environment, aerodynamic, etc..
  • Sports and leisure; mountain bikes, climbing, alpinism, hiking, bow shooting, fishing, golf, scale models, kites, etc..
  • Free flight; hang gliding, paragliding, skydiving, balloon, base jump, wing flight.

Meteorology: Skywatch Geos #11 Handheld Weather Station
Item # Skywatch Geos #11 

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